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MSA Resources


Reflection Rooms & Jumuah

There are many reflection rooms across campus that can be used for prayers. See here for a full listing of available reflection rooms on campus!


* Please note: many rooms now require an MCard for access—if you don’t have one on you, find the front desk of the building or facilities staff member to obtain a physical key.


Housing List

Looking for a roommate or tenant? Look no further! Fill out our housing post form or see what’s already been posted in the housing list


Campus Guide

Every year, the MSA compiles a campus handbook to help orient new and transfer students, as well as provide current students with updated resources that might be helpful. Learn about reflection rooms, halal dining & restaurants, Muslim pre-professional orgs, and much more in our latest edition!


Mentorship Program

Have you ever wanted a big/ little? We've got you covered! The MSA mentor/mentee program is a great opportunity for pairings to build community relationships, share career and academic advice, and engage in heartwork, by grounding each other in faith throughout the semester. Sound like your thing? What are you waiting for? Apply to be apart of the program here!



Got a case of the sniffles? We got you. 

Introducing MSA's DeliverTea! Get coffee, tea, or hot chocolate delivered right to you! Just fill out the form here for a hot drink and an MSA member should come to your rescue shortly, iA!

University & Department


Bias Incident Reporting

Confidential reporting is available through the office of the Dean of Students, and provides students with a safe space in which to address to address incidents and concerns.


Phone:  734-615-2427

Email: Evelyn Galvan and Brooke Harris


Trotter Multicultural Center

The Trotter Multicultural Center serves as an iconic and programmatic symbol for all students, as an open and inclusive facility that fosters intercultural engagement and strengthens connections between and among communities, as a supportive home and environment to those committed to social justice and diversity, and as a space that celebrates the tradition and history of the Trotter Multicultural Center and the activism of students.


Islamophobia Working Group

Given the recent increase in anti-Arab and anti-Muslim sentiment internationally, the purpose of this group of faculty, staff, and students is to study the climate and its impact on Arab, Muslim, and MENA-identified students, faculty, staff and the campus community at large; strategize on how to create a safe and inclusive campus environment for Arab, Muslim, and MENA students and those who are impacted by anti-Arab and anti-Muslim sentiments (i.e. Sikh, etc.); and create a set of resources for community members, students and faculty included.


Email: Dr. Samer Ali


Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs

Using the lens of race and ethnicity, MESA engages the campus community and transforms the student experience to build inclusive spaces and equitable opportunities for all. MESA is grounded in theory, engages both the individual and collective, promotes cross-collaboration, builds intercultural and leadership skills, and empowers students to address social justice issues.



Student Organizations


Islamic Society of Ahl-Ul-Bayt

Islamic Society of Ahl-ul-Bayt (ISA) was established for the purpose of providing an atmosphere of reflection and contemplation for interested individuals, according to the sacred teachings of the Quran, the Prophet, and the Ahl-ul-Bayt. The group holds weekly Du'aa Kumayl recitations and other Shia events.


Email: Mustapha Elghoul


Muslim Pre-Professional Organizations

There are a number of pre-professional Muslim organizations on campus; these orgs are great ways to connect with students and resources!

See a full listing below >

Muslim Business Students Association (MBSA)

Email: Abdulrahman Ateya



Muslim Student Dental Association (MSDA)



Muslim Engineering Society (MES)

Email: Abdullah Nauman


Muslim Graduate Students Association (MGSA)

Email: Riyah Basha  


Muslim Medical Students Association (MMSA)



Michigan Law Students Association (MLSA)




Muslim Coalition

The Muslim Coalition is a union of Muslim-affiliated student organization at the University of Michigan. It aims to serve U-M's diverse Muslim student body and represent Muslim interests to the greater campus community. While the MC is not an organizing body, different Muslim interest organizations send representatives to share information.


Muslim Coaliton

Community Resources


Felicity Foundation & Lighthouse

The Felicity Foundation is the Muslim chaplaincy on campus and strives to connect people to God and His Prophet by facilitating a vibrant service-oriented campus community. Practically, this means the organization is chiefly concerned with the spiritual health of the Muslim community on campus, and main services offered include counseling and office hours, services  like Jumu’ah & Eid prayers, and interface with administration. MSA and Felicity work together in coordinating events such as biweekly Thursday night halaqas, large-scale events like Ramadan and Eid celebrations, Sacred Time Project, and today’s mass meeting! We hope to build a stronger relationship in supporting each other at our respective events and working with the chaplains to provide support for students.




The Muslim Community Association of Ann Arbor

Muslim Community Association of Ann Arbor and Vicinity (MCA) was founded in 1972 by a group of dedicated Muslims consisting of several University of Michigan students for the specific purpose of practicing, propagating and preserving Islam and Islamic heritage and to serve the needs of Muslims, be they, religious, social, cultural or educational. MCA is located on North campus, and can be reached by taking the UofM Northwood bus or “The Ride” AA Bus Route 23.



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