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About MSA

Mission Statement

The Muslim Students' Association at the University of Michigan strives to serve the Muslim community on campus through religious enrichment, social justice activism, and community building. It shall advocate to sustain an environment centered around bringing the roots of Islam to the forefront in a bid to organize Muslims through a balance of their needs and obligations, worldy and religious.

Meet the Executive Board!

Meet the Rest of the Board!


The History of the MSA 

The 1950s-80s 

Officially formed in 1964, the UM-MSA is the oldest MSA chapter in the country. These early waves of Muslims consisted mostly of international students, who were heavily involved in building the current MCA mosque.

The 1990s 

Muneera Curtis forms the Islamic Circle in 1992, which eventually takes on the official title of the Muslim Students’ Association. MSA first launches website, weekly halaqas, Ramadan iftars, Islamic Awareness week, and jummah.

Early 2000s 

MSA expands its scope, becoming active in many different facets including community service and social justice. Campus jummahs also became more firmly established and more students began praying on campus instead of carpooling to MCA


Sacred Time Project, MSA’s annual conference, was first introduced along with Al-Risala a monthly, witty community newsletter


MSA wins Student Organization of the Year and VP Wajiha Shuttari launches Reflection Room campaign.

2007 - 2008 

MSA wins Student Organization of the Year.

The 2010s

In this decade, the Muslim community on campus took several strides – the Chaplaincy was established by Tayssir Safi, the MSA launched its annual Alternative Spring Break service trip, and several new organizations were formed (Muslim Coalition, Islamic Society of Ahl-Ul Bayt, and the Felicity Foundation). The MSA continued to grow in number & diversity and see great visibility on campus, again being recognized as Student Organization of the Year in multiple years as well as receiving recognition for effective Teamwork and Collaboration.


In the campus community today, you can find any group of the 2,000+ Muslim students across campus praying daily prayers in congregation in any one of the several reflection rooms throughout campus. This beautiful, vibrant community has a rich history and has grown throughout the years by the Grace of God and through the efforts of those who have served in the past. Remember us in your prayers – we have a long way to go!

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